Ajay comes from a diverse background of education and life experience.  What formed Ajay’s unique perspective on life was being transplanted back to India when he was eleven.  Suddenly deprived of an overabundance of media, this precocious kid tried to replace the void by making hundreds of hours of really strange videos of his new home.

Many years later, having been coerced into a life of science, Ajay returned to the U.S. for college.  After finishing at U.C. Berkeley and working in corporate laboratories for several unfulfilling years, Ajay switched gears and came to Florida State University’s graduate film program to reignite an early passion.  Having the opportunity to write and direct three super 16 mm shorts while at FSU, he now has little doubt as to his creative goals.  In addition to scribing and directing, he also has a passion for cinematography, editing and sound design.  After graduating in Fall 2007, Ajay has moved back to India to produce captivating cinema that embraces local culture and conveys universal truth.

Ajay Gupta

Production Designer

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