David Morgan grew up in the Kansas City suburb of Independence Missouri as the first of five children in his family.  At a young age he discovered a passion for both computers and art stemming from the talents of his father, a computer engineer for a local hospital, and his mother, an artist and writer.  David is currently attending college at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville Missouri where he is studying Interactive Digital Media, a degree combining Computer Science, Art and Mass Communication curriculums.  In college he was introduced to an independent film making club called Vinci, where he was able to begin work with 3D modeling and animation, and video editing.  Besides visual effects work for his own video productions, David has worked on various film projects for the Florida State University Graduate Film Conservatory.  He will graduate college in fall of 2008, and will move to Los Angeles to start a career in visual effects for film and television motion pictures.



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