Parker Durrance is 10 years old and lives in Tallahassee, Florida.  Parker is in the fifth grade at Holy Comforter Episcopal School.  He was recently elected President of the lower school and is involved in working with the student council in various community service projects.  Parker loves sports and is a big football “aficionado”.  His favorite college football team is the LSU Tigers and his favorite Pro-football team is the Atlanta Falcons.  Parker is currently playing flag football and will play various sports throughout the year such as basketball and soccer.  Parker also loves to be “on stage” and in front of people.  He has played key roles in school musicals and seems to be natural on stage.  Parker also had to give a speech for his candidacy for President in front of the school.

In the past several years, Parker has had the opportunity to act in films for the FSU film school.  He has been in approximately 7 films and has played the lead role and co-lead role in 5 of those films.  Parker loves being on the set and “hanging out” with the film students.  The special effects and direction of the movies are very exciting and the film students always make it a fun experience.  

Parker also loves science and history.  He is an avid reader of animal and dinosaurs books and is also a World War II buff. 


Parker Durrance


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